Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), an economic populist, says he is looking out for organized labor.
Opponents of the deal say it would lead to higher prices for consumers and lower wages for workers.
The two companies struck a "no-poaching" deal to weaken workers' leverage during a strike, Colorado's attorney general says.
Employees have filed lawsuits saying that the grocer’s new payroll system has left their paychecks short.
Employees say they've missed entire paychecks and had unauthorized deductions made. "It's been a disaster," a union spokesperson said.
The senators sent a letter asking the FTC to oppose the $25 billion deal, calling the two grocery chains “anticompetitive and antiworker.”
Despite social distancing recommendations, grocery store employees must come into close contact with thousands of shoppers every day, often without proper PPE. Now, some stores are calling for their employees to be designated first responders so they can be tested and properly protected.
Workers ratified a new contract with Kroger after walking off the job on Jan. 12.
The union representing employees at King Soopers and City Market has scheduled a walkout over pay and working conditions.
Unvaccinated workers will no longer be eligible to receive up to two weeks paid emergency leave if they become infected.