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"I don't even know if I should share this," comedian Andrew Schulz said, "but the final scene, they don't even kiss."
The actors star in Netflix's new romantic comedy, "You People."
The actor announced his decision to stop promoting his films in August 2022.
"Grief and healing have been constant companions on this journey," the actor said about grieving the rapper and activist who was killed two years ago.
In addition to his partner, many fans and friends have posted on social media to celebrate the life and legacy of the late rapper who died in March.
The rapper's family and peers paid tribute to him during the awards ceremony.
Nipsey Hussle’s legacy was celebrated at his memorial service with more than 21,000 fans in attendance.
“I’ve never felt this type of pain before,” the model and actress said at her partner's funeral.
“I’ve lost my best friend,” wrote the model and actress.
“This lil weight will get worked off and who I am will be uncompromised."