Letitia James

The New York attorney general is doing the math on what the former president owes.
“Donald will not like this,” the former president’s niece said.
The former president was ordered to pay a $355 million fine in his civil fraud lawsuit in New York.
Former President Donald Trump railed against the judge who slapped him with a $355 million fine in his New York civil fraud trial.
Donald Trump’s legal debts might now exceed a half-billion dollars.
The MSNBC host does the math to show how the former president could be heading for financial "collapse."
The former president came face-to-face with the state attorney general who is suing him when he sat for a deposition last year at her Manhattan office.
The former president blamed the New York AG for Exxon leaving the state back in 1989 ― even though she was elected in 2018.
After about six minutes, Judge Arthur Engoron — who had denied Trump permission earlier to give a closing statement at the trial — cut him off and recessed for lunch.
A final ruling is expected in the civil fraud case in January, where a judge has already found that Trump has engaged in financial fraud for decades.