Love and Sex

The “Ocean Eyes” singer says she didn’t realize her sexuality was a mystery to anyone.
"As much as I hoped my students would learn from me throughout the semester, I ended up learning even more from them."
"The first time I had to say the word 'penis' out loud in the recording booth, I laughed. I giggled like a teenager in sex ed class."
"I knew I had to wait until marriage to experiment with sex, but that felt so far away!"
“Let me do it when I’m ready,” the “White Lotus” and “You” actor said, while addressing criticism that he’s taken roles from LGBTQ actors.
"Finally, at 40, I was ready to figure out what I wanted. I found myself coming out again, not as gay or bi or even pansexual."
He also offered some advice on how to break the habit "so you will not have temptation in hand."
A recent study polled women on arousal, sexual pleasure, and orgasms. Here’s what they really want.
Well, this is weird. The man who played Barney from 1991-2001 now runs a tantric sex business where he “unblocks the energies” of his female clients.
The "Can We Talk" singer told People he "didn't hide anything about" himself in the 1990s, but acknowledged "you just couldn't be" gay back then.