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Call it manscaping or just basic upkeep — these are the products and tips used by male exotic performers.
The “Magic Mike” star's stripper character is loosely inspired by his brief stint as an 18-year-old male dancer.
A clip of the steamy scene was shown in the trailer for the final installment of the film franchise.
Steven Soderbergh discusses his hit film "Magic Mike."
Tatum’s third — and final — go-round in the male stripper franchise is due in theaters Feb. 10, 2023.
If you’ve seen the film “Magic Mike,” you know that actor Channing Tatum knows a thing or two about being a male stripper.In a recent interview with “New York Times T Magazine,” he explained how his experience as an erotic dancer has only helped his career.
The actor is set to reprise his role as Michael Lane in the next installment of the franchise, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance."
Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the actor said he and his co-stars may "go natural" when they return for a third installment of the male stripper franchise.
The actor confirmed this week that he and director Steven Soderbergh are teaming up for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” set to debut on HBO Max.