maternal mortality

New data shows that the maternal mortality rate is not rising, as previously believed. But not all pregnant people are facing the same risks.
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A study shows that babies born between 22 and almost 26 weeks are significantly more likely to receive potentially lifesaving medical interventions if they are white.
"I get off the bed and gingerly make my way to the bathroom, every step a jolt producing more and more blood... The room blurs... Then everything goes black."
Strict anti-abortion laws often include an exception when abortion can save a patient, but some life-or-death scenarios are not so black and white.
Already suffering from a dismal maternal mortality rate, millions of Black people would be in danger without access to abortion.
Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women, the vice president noted.
The tennis superstar detailed how she saved her own life by pushing back against hospital staff after they told her she was “crazy.”