The late night host found a new item on the former president's "list of atrocities."
Boebert has been struggling in her home district after barely winning reelection in 2022.
Miles Taylor said even people who have been close to the former president eventually reach this conclusion about him.
The ex-national security adviser shared one method that "can work at least for a while" on the former president.
Jared Moskowitz mocked Republicans for having “nothing new” in their inquiry into the president.
A GOP talking point is flipped against conservatives in the MeidasTouch video.
Jeff Timmer says the former president is "far far weaker" than the polls suggest.
Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges weighed in on Trump's attacks toward retired Gen. Mark Milley, former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
"MAGA Marge is coming," says the new spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
#TrumpIsGuilty trended on Twitter after progressive PAC MeidasTouch released its latest clip.