michael mccaul

Three committee chairmen have been outspoken in their support of Ukraine. With aid at a critical juncture, what will they say now?
Rep. Michael McCaul said "we're not quite sure" how both American and Israeli intelligence missed signs of the deadly Oct. 7 attack.
On his visit to Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is finding different receptions at either end of the Capitol.
Rep. Michael McCaul said he thinks Greene has "matured" and "realizes she doesn’t know everything." In the meantime, she'll be making security decisions.
In private remarks to the pro-Israel lobby last month, Rep. Michael McCaul (Texas) also spoke of pressuring Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel without an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, according to a recording obtained by HuffPost.
It's a sign that opposition to the bill is becoming the only acceptable conservative stance.
"It is clear adjustments are needed," says the top Republican congressman on the issue.
Michael McCaul criticized Democrats' record on terrorism but couldn't explain how Trump would improve on it.