Hope Carrasquilla, who was  forced to resign after students were shown an image of Michelangelo’s iconic statue, viewed the masterpiece in person on Friday in Florence.
A Tallahassee Classical School teacher showed a sixth-grade art history class a photo of Michelangelo's "David" in all his glory, and that's when everything went south.
One parent reportedly called the masterpiece "pornographic."
Ninja turtles Michaelangelo and Donatello are at Comic-Con in San Diego promoting their new show.
When I opened my eyes after a delightful night's sleep, it occurred to me that this is pretty good living -- a four-poster bed, in a 16th-century monastery, a block from Michelangelo's David, with a farmers market going on just outside my window on the most venerable Renaissance square in Florence (Piazza S. S. Annunziata).
The debut installation at the Met Breuer, unveiled to the press on Tuesday (and to the general public on Mar. 18), fell short of the expectations raised by the Metropolitan Museum itself.
Florence: hub of the arts, birthplace of the Renaissance, popular tourist destination, and heart of Tuscany. She is a city of history, with seemingly endless surprises to be discovered within her mazes of streets. Here are some must see sites for any visitor's itinerary!