Mike Johnson

How hard is it to hold elected officials' feet to the fire, especially with social media and recorded footage of them spouting mistruths ad nauseam?
Johnson has said that life begins "from the moment of fertilization," a statement that would appear to include frozen fertilized embryos.
While a discharge petition is unlikely to succeed and is a lengthy process, it would up the political pressure on Republicans.
It is “perfection” and “prophetic,” critics wrote on social media.
"It's very unusual actually in American history to be in a situation where one man holds that kind of power who's not the president," Cheney said.
The Republican House speaker’s spin got spun into oblivion.
The Fox News host thought he was being clever.
A card posted on social media read, "Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ The border was crushed/ Because of you."
The House speaker said "steady hands are at the wheel" as America's leaders work together to address the issue.