The beverage, which is made with ground-up mushrooms and coffee beans, purportedly tastes like regular coffee while offering more benefits.
Dermatologists break down the benefits and potential risks of these increasingly popular beauty products.
Erin Patterson's two in-laws, and one of their relatives, died after eating a meal Patterson made them in July, police said.
Three people died, including Erin Patterson's mother- and father-in-law, after possibly eating death cap mushrooms. A fourth person was in critical condition, police said.
“But if you do it, film yourself. But don’t do it," quipped Phoenix after he advised moviegoers not to take the hallucinogen.
Colorado becomes the second state, after Oregon, to vote to establish a regulated system for substances like psilocybin and psilocin.
Three victims, including a toddler, needed liver transplants.
The Infinity Burial Suit is a breakthrough in eco-friendly, green funeral options. It returns your body to the earth without harming the environment.
The genetically-altered mushroom was cleared by the USDA.
New study suggests mushroom spores can make it rain.