national guard

The UH-72 Lakota helicopter was assigned to the federal government's border security mission when it went down near Rio Grande City.
Police said they found Chasity Nunez with "numerous gunshot wounds throughout her body" and her daughter in the passenger seat not breathing.
But her comments about the increased police presence in transit spaces are at odds with NYPD data on crime.
“If anything, I think it makes for better pictures for campaign ads,” said one former Texas Army National Guard medic.
During the riot at the U.S. Capitol, Trump supporters stalked the halls of Congress searching for then-House Speaker Pelosi.
As the Jan. 6 riot was unfolding, city leaders made frantic calls to Army leaders, asking them to send Guard troops to the Capitol where police and security were being overrun.
It will be Michael Haley's second active-duty deployment since he joined the Guard as an officer in 2006.
“I think there would have been a lot more bloodshed," said House Sergeant-at-Arms William J. Walker.
The National Guard is going door to door in parts of Buffalo and its suburbs to check on people who lost power during western New York's deadliest winter storm in decades.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned his country’s citizens not to accept holiday handouts and gifts from drug gangs.