Nature and Environment

A new climate report provides a raw, stunning assessment of the world we’ve unraveled.
The Colorado black bear could not digest food due to items like plastic bags and wipes creating a "plug" in his body.
Many survivors said they didn’t hear any sirens or receive a warning that gave them enough time to prepare to evacuate.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s site showed Detroit in the “hazardous” range and warned that “everyone should stay indoors and reduce activity levels.”
Officials shut down drinking water intakes downstream while they evaluated the danger.
Unauthorized work designed to create habitat for one species of bird wound up destroying habitat for two others.
“It just demonstrates how ubiquitous these chemicals are in the environment,” one researcher said.
"Dude, you’ve got to watch it for yourself!" homeowner Tyra Bogert said she told her husband when he asked what the camera had captured.
People could smell the oil in the nearby town, witnesses reported. "It was like driving by a refinery," said one.
Whole Foods said in a statement last week that it’s monitoring the situation and “committed to working with suppliers, fisheries, and environmental advocacy groups as it develops.”