neal katyal

Neal Katyal spotted one positive from the “atrocious” development.
Neal Katyal also summed up the latest defense by the former president's legal team in his hush money trial as "atrocious."
Neal Katyal said the ex-president’s “last-ditch effort” is about to fall apart.
Neal Katyal also predicted what would happen as Trump reaches the deadline to post nearly half a billion dollars in bond.
Neal Katyal said there are "many days" he wants to be Carroll's lawyer Roberta Kaplan and this is one of them.
"'Chutzpah' doesn’t begin to describe these claims," Neal Katyal said.
Andrew Weissmann said Robert Hur’s report was “exactly what you’re not supposed to do.”
“This is a real problem,” said Neal Katyal. Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said he was “in violent agreement” with the fear.
Neal Katyal drew a direct line between the former president and the harassment of officials involved in his legal cases.
J. Michael Luttig said the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to boot Trump from the ballot will “stand the test of time.” Neil Katyal added that Trump had his shot.