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The former president shouldn’t be so fast in celebrating a new decision in his favor, argued Neal Katyal and Jill Wine-Banks.
Murderers have behaved better than the ex-president in court, said former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal.
“I can’t imagine having a client like this,” said former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
It’s “really convenient how Don Jr. seems to have forgotten information that could be damaging to him,” said Neal Katyal before delivering the put-down.
Neal Katyal predicted what’s next in Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case, and it’s likely not good news for the former president.
“The crazy part of this situation is not that a judge issued a gag order against a leading presidential candidate,” Neal Katyal said.
Neal Katyal also predicted how likely the former president is to break the order.
Neal Katyal picks apart the flaws in Trump's remaining legal arguments in the New York civil fraud case.
Neal Katyal weighed in on Trump's furious weekend post about the retiring chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Neal Katyal said Trump's defenses aren't legal or factual, but they're "not unwise."