New England Patriots

The NFL said the game would be played on Monday or Tuesday if there's no wider spread of the virus on both teams.
Florida prosecutors dropped a misdemeanor charge after courts blocked their use of video that allegedly shows him paying for massage parlor sex.
The Patriots quarterback is known for his colorful suits, hats, shoes and more.
"Toucan Sam," er the New England Patriots coach, never quite mastered his face covering during his team's loss to the Seattle Seahawks.
Jackson, a veteran Eagles receiver, shared an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Instagram.
The former Patriots QB can't seem to let go of his buddy and former receiver just yet.
The former Carolina Panthers quarterback could fill Tom Brady's shoes, but Twitter says Newton already has an edge in one category.
Justin Rohrwasser's body art symbolizes an extremist group whose supporters have been linked to white supremacist and anti-Muslim movements.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is having a spot of trouble in his new city.
The All-Pro tight end is coming out of retirement and will be dealt along with a seventh-round pick to Tampa Bay for a fourth-round pick.