nina turner

Former state Sen. Nina Turner, a Democrat, criticized the Twitter account for "tripling down" on its post that compared her argument to "chattel slavery."
Brown’s second consecutive victory over former state Sen. Nina Turner was widely anticipated.
Turner, a former Ohio state senator, lost a contentious primary to Rep. Shontel Brown in August.
Financial mismanagement and other mistakes plagued the progressive candidate’s campaign for Congress in Ohio.
Moderate Democrat Shontel Brown defeated progressive Nina Turner in the special primary for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District.
Brown’s victory over Nina Turner is a major disappointment for the activist left.
At the close of a heated congressional race where Turner has courted a wide range of Democrats, the Ohio progressive is embracing her reputation as a candid populist.
House Majority Whip James Clyburn stumped for Shontel Brown, while Sen. Bernie Sanders headlined a rally for Nina Turner.
And the left is desperate to get her over the finish line in Ohio's special primary election.
The Working Families Party plans to spend at least $150,000 in the hotly contested Ohio congressional race.