Opinary Poll

For the love of all things sanitary, stop nesting your dishes.
Jimmy Fallon's latest "Tonight Show" hashtag recaps #TheDebateInSixWords.
"I know more about wind than you do. It’s extremely expensive, kills all the birds," the president told Joe Biden on the debate stage.
Polls overwhelmingly show President Trump's climate denial is his greatest weakness. At the final debate, the Democrat seized on the issue.
"Why don’t you release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption?” the Democratic contender said in the presidential debate.
"We’re rounding the corner. It’s going away," the president told Americans in the last 2020 debate.
The lawsuit comes more than a year after the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission began antitrust investigations into four big tech companies.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their microphones cut off while the other delivers opening answers to each debate topic.
"The Haunting of Bly Manor" tops the list again.
The infectious diseases expert said his own family's Thanksgiving is "going to look very different this year" because of the coronavirus.