Person of color

Civil rights groups and local governments sued over concerns a shortened census would lead to an undercount, especially in communities of color.
As anti-racism protests rage on across the country, Non-Black people of color are tackling colorism and racism within their own cultures.
The food magazine admits it has frequently marginalized “non-white stories" and denied positions of power to people of color.
The Vermont senator spoke to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in his first interview since Super Tuesday, when he underperformed with Black voters.
“He does not offend me,” Rep. Mike Kelly said Tuesday in reference to President Donald Trump's racist tweets.
“There’s a common assumption that white men are the more electable candidates ― but our research found the opposite,” the research group's director said.
The black maternal mortality crisis is not improving. Doulas can help.
Election officials have figured out how to keep voting lines down, but communities of color are still waiting longer to vote.