pete souza

Former White House photographer Pete Souza marked Presidents Day by showing all the living presidents who didn't incite an insurrection.
The couple tied the knot in a ceremony at the Smithsonian last month, several years after they connected over their shared love of learning and literature.
Jacob Philadelphia was just 5 when he visited the White House and taught the world why representation matters.
Viewers were reminded of the former president's warmth in the film, which premiered Friday.
“I miss you and love you all,” wrote Pete Souza in the message of support.
Due out in September, "The Way I See It" chronicles Pete Souza's trajectory from award-winning photojournalist to vehement Trump critic.
Pete Souza shared an old picture of the Obamas walking to St. John's Church. It's in stark contrast to Trump's latest photo-op.
“Tradition. Respect. Class. Remember that?” asked Pete Souza.
Pete Souza hinted at what was happening at the precise moment he took “The Situation Room Photograph” in a 21-minute video explainer on Instagram.