Peter Navarro

The ex-Trump aide, who aims to appeal his contempt of Congress conviction, said the former president has "been a rock on this."
"I think they deserve, frankly, any jail time they get," the former GOP lawmaker said of ex-Trump aides Navarro and Steve Bannon.
"Is this one of the stupidest, most pointless crimes ever committed by anyone?" the MSNBC host asked following the former Trump adviser's conviction.
Thursday wasn't a great day for Donald Trump’s former adviser.
Navarro was the second Trump aide to face contempt of Congress charges after former White House adviser Steve Bannon.
The former Trump adviser will not be allowed to claim executive privilege at his contempt of Congress trial, which starts next week.
In newly released audio from 2021, Navarro is heard criticizing Powell, a fellow ally of Donald Trump, for damaging the efforts to overturn the 2020 vote.
The trial against the former assistant to the president is now likely to take place later this month.
The right has used this phrase for others, but doesn't think it should apply to them.
He’s boasted about plotting to keep Donald Trump in power. Now, Peter Navarro is facing fresh scrutiny, for allegedly hiding emails from his time in the White House.