Philadelphia Eagles

On their "New Heights" podcast, Chiefs player Travis Kelce fought back tears as he and his brother, Jason Kelce, discussed the Eagles star's retirement.
"Stepping on the field was the most alive and free I had ever felt," the Philadelphia Eagles center said.
Kelce’s long career is marked by seven Pro Bowls, six All-Pro selections and the Eagles’ first Super Bowl Championship win in 2018.
"This weekend it’s really important we show our support for the Birds."
The Philadelphia Eagles center was given the new title during his visit to Chicago's popular hot dog shop, The Weiners Circle.
The Philadelphia Eagles center said he was "happy" for the couple but admits there have been "alarms" over the media frenzy that their relationship has generated.
The reserve offensive lineman will make his initial court appearance in Ohio on rape and kidnapping charges next month.
The call sparked debate among fans before Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry gave his two cents on the penalty.
The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.
Philadelphia coach Nick Sirianni let tears flow as singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton performed the national anthem on Sunday.