Primary care physician

Finding a good physician (sadly) takes some work. Here's how medical experts do it.
"Misinformation is causing panic, anger, polarization between political parties, sickness and even death. It's time to assign it a diagnostic code."
The restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have put the community of substance users under severe duress.
Physicians' offices are seeing fewer patients because of the lockdown. It's taking a big financial toll.
If your spouse hasn't had a doctor's appointment or dental checkup in years, these tips will help get them in the door.
Stay on top of those appointments with this handy guide.
Although no discipline wants to lose their identity to a categorical term, let's work together to reach consensus on respectful, clear, and inclusive language that captures the unique contributions of each member of the health care team.
Dr. Soulakis is a public health scientist whose research focus lies at the intersection of epidemiology and informatics; he is particularly interested in understanding the expanding, data-rich environment created by health information technology, and leveraging computationally techniques to monitor and improve healthcare quality.