Religion and Beliefs

“‘Stay and fight,’ some queer congregants begged me. But I’d fought valiantly for 15 years, and those stained-glass walls were caging me in.”
Duggar's conservative Christian family was embroiled in scandal after their TLC series brought them fame.
"'You really hurt your mother,' she said. I tried to pull my hands from hers but she only grasped tighter. 'And I curse you.'"
New York City Mayor Eric Adams decried the idea of separating church and state.
Despite his vow to uphold the U.S. Constitution, Eric Adams said he “can’t separate” his Christian beliefs from his public duties.
"I’m proud that I stayed true to myself ... but I definitely don’t want to go through that in the future."
Donald Trump is mad at evangelicals for abandoning him after he announced his 2024 presidential run and he’s letting them know it.
"I was lost and completely unsure of how to preserve the magic of Christmas that I had grown up with while removing the religiosity that I no longer believed in."
The Supreme Court is hearing the case of a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for gay couples.
Voters with no religious affiliation supported Democratic candidates and abortion rights by staggering percentages in the 2022 midterm elections.