Roger clemens

The Detroit Tigers' rookie utility player got pressed into relief-pitching duty in a 10-0 loss to the Angels.
"I don't have to live up to what he did," Kody Clemens said of his pitching great pop after being called up from the minors.
Big Papi was elected in his first year on the ballot, but Bonds, Clemens and Curt Schilling were denied entry to Cooperstown in their final year of consideration.
Rivera, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, was the first player chosen unanimously.
The NBA has been uniquely forward thinking among major sports leagues. It must continue.
These players and their fans demand a plaque in Cooperstown, NY (a museum that they are already a part of) which says "Hall-of-Fame" next to the words integrity, character and sportsmanship.
If you're not seeing the results you've been hoping for, ask yourself this critical thinking question: am I approaching my diet the same way I have taken on other challenges in the past? Am I really all in or just going through the motions?
It was one of the oddest moments in World Series history.
If in fact PEDs do enhance performance what is the sum total of that impact when both pitcher and batter are using PEDs? Do they cancel each other out? Do PEDs contribute to foot speed making fielders more effective or causing an increase in infield hits and stolen bases?