The former president can’t seem to help himself when it comes to constantly retelling a story about so-called golden showers.
"Because I’ve made these mistakes myself, I know I want to be loving, kind and generous. Most of my clients do, too."
A video clip from 2022 shows the newly-minted speaker explaining how Covenant Eyes software keeps him and his teen son away from graphic content.
“It’s cool if you don’t want to talk about butt stuff with your own dad. But I do wish you the opportunity to truly get to know your own parents in adulthood.”
The California governor cited a lack of funding for the initiative.
Bilson recently said that it would be “a little weird” if a man in his 40s had only had four sexual partners.
Uncommon Sex Tips That People Are Too Freaking Scared To Talk About
Women still don’t hear enough about sexual health during cancer treatment.
"I was taught to be a good feminist and turn my nose up at porn. Then everything I thought I knew about resisting objectification was turned upside down."