Super PAC

Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn gave the Democratic Majority for Israel PAC $110,000 a day after the group endorsed her.
The Democratic National Committee has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, accusing the presidential candidate of a “ballot access scheme.”
Last Best Place PAC has already spent nearly $5.8 million running ads against GOP Senate hopeful Tim Sheehy.
It's a conservative estimate that doesn't take into account what DeSantis spent in the final weeks of his campaign.
Three senior members of a super PAC backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have left the group.
CNN's Paul Begala was baffled by the leak, which contained guidance for the Florida governor's strategy in the GOP presidential debate.
David Hogg is launching a new group aiming to get millennials and Gen Zers into state legislatures and Congress.
The political donation was made before the Florida governor announced his bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, according to a team spokesperson.
Timothy Mellon, a major GOP donor, has given $5 million to help the Democratic candidate’s presidential campaign.
The race to be the No. 1 Trump alternative will be shaped by the decisions of conservative megadonors.