suspicious circumstances

Moments before her death, a pregnant British attorney said her husband had shoved her off a cliff.
The North Carolina fourth grader left her home in the middle of the night and was last seen walking alone down a dark highway around 4 a.m.
On “Ice Cold Case,” Madison McGhee’s investigation into the fatal shooting of her father leads her to question the man police believe pulled the trigger.
Jesse Alvarez allegedly shot teacher Mario Fierro out of jealousy after stalking his ex-girlfriend for more than a year.
Laken Hope Riley's death has sparked renewed concerns about women’s safety while exercising by themselves.
Despite chilling video footage of alleged killers — and the murders themselves — some high-profile cases remain unsolved.
In “Great Photo, Lovely Life” and “The Truth About Jim,” the granddaughters of abusive men delve into their family secrets.
Filmmaker Patricia Gillespie told HuffPost she was inspired to explore amateur sleuths’ “generosity” and “endurance” in her new documentary, “They Called Him Mostly Harmless.”
For 20 years, Peterson’s supporters — now including the Los Angeles Innocence Project — have relied on baseless claims and shaky witness accounts to try to prove he didn’t kill his wife and unborn son.
The notorious murder of 20-year-old Cara Knott — and the bizarre way her killer was caught — still sends chills down the spines of Southern Californians.