The Tokyo bronze medalist vented on social media about interviews with athletes "before they have time to process anything."
The U.S. men's relay team beat the world record by .5 seconds, finishing in 3:26.78.
Performers "Uncle Rick" and "Aunt Ruth" are making their own splash.
The swim star said it wasn't excused by America maybe having "extremely high standards for this sort of thing."
The U.S. swim star captured the 800-meter freestyle, then let the cat out of the bag.
The athlete was called out by USA Today for failing to wear a face covering in the mixed interview zone. All other U.S. swimmers reportedly have followed the rules.
The underdog Team USA swimmer spent much of the race in the middle of the pack, but blazed home to win.
"This broke my focus and that problem impacted my time," said Hungary's Kristof Milak.
The U.S. swim star had a powerful message after winning the 1500-meter freestyle.