tamir rice

Former Cleveland cop Timothy Loehmann withdrew his application for a job in a Pennsylvania borough.
Former Cleveland officer Timothy Loehmann was named the lone cop in a borough of roughly 700 people.
"As a mother, how can I know who sees my son as human and who does not?"
The DOJ effectively ended its civil rights investigation into the 2014 police killing of the Black boy — without telling the family, reported The New York Times.
Mass hysteria about the purported dangers of Black people restricted Black life in all sorts of ways over the last decade.
Timothy Loehmann was not indicted for the shooting but was fired from the Cleveland department for lying about his poor job history as an officer.
The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center will help usher children into the future her son will never have.
"12: The Tamir Rice Story" will explore the boy's death at the hands of police.
We are stuck in a loop of violence and injustice.
A second officer involved in the shooting was suspended.