The Bahamas

The cruise line said in a statement that it was "deeply saddened" by the incident.
Shark attacks on humans are very rare, especially fatal ones, though several have been reported in recent months. One expert offered possible reasons why.
A relentless marine heat wave is devastating coral reefs — and scientists have mobilized to save them.
This is the seventh time the French free diver broke a world record — and the second time in one week.
A good Samaritan called the Coast Guard early Tuesday after rescuing a man clinging to the boat 45 miles east of Fort Pierce.
The "greatest declines" in coral in the Bahamas are linked by researchers to the stony coral tissue loss disease, which may be triggered by ship traffic.
The governor said the state is anticipating power outages and asked residents to have a week’s supply of water, food and medicine on hand.
The reality TV star and husband Jay Cutler were "stuck" on their ill-timed vacation amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The Bahamas Petroleum Company hopes to start drilling the first well, just 150 miles off the coast of South Florida, as soon as April.
Doug Manchester was asked for a hefty RNC donation as his nomination for ambassador to the Bahamas stalled, CBS News reports.