the five

The Fox News host insisted the radio veteran, who emphatically embraced the term, just "doesn’t understand what woke is."
Rivera, the show's more moderate foil, joined "The Five" early last year.
The veteran television personality says “a growing tension that goes beyond editorial differences” made it no longer worth it to him.
“It has a happy ending," Jesse Watters said of his methods. The two married in 2020.
The conservative TV personality showed she could use a reality check on "The Five."
The liberal-leaning co-host announced at the end of the broadcast that it was his last day on the show but not at the network.
“CNN is like a guy who gets you wasted on purpose," claimed the "Gutfeld!" host.
Judge Jeanine Pirro claim that 77-year-old Joe Biden won’t make it to Election Day faced backlash from her fellow Fox News personalities.
Greg Gutfeld urges the president to "have more executive time."
The good, the bad and the downright offensive.