Tim Burchett

The Tennessee Republican suggested that Denton Loudermill Jr. was an "illegal Alien" and one of the "shooters" at a parade. He was neither.
Rep. Tim Burchett said Republicans “don’t have the guts” to take action after his colleagues failed to produce any hard evidence of Biden’s presidential wrongdoing.
Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee said on a right-wing podcast in December that blackmail would explain some of his colleagues’ votes.
The lawmaker used an unusual strategy for questions from CNN's Jim Acosta about Trump's "poisoning the blood" rhetoric.
The “Late Show” crowd went wild for this bit of below-the-belt humor.
The Tennessee Republican suggested the former speaker is still mad that he voted to take away his gavel.
Rep. Tim Burchett said the Fox News host's questioning was "very negative," but that didn't stop Kilmeade's aggression.
Republican Rep. Tim Burchett told a tale of two speakers and Pelosi definitely came out the hero.
The Fox News host fumbled his introduction of Rep. Tim Burchett, who has made several appearances on the network in the past month.