The “Today” co-host took two weeks off last year to be by her daughter’s side.
The reality star took issue with the singer reportedly walking off the set of the "Today" show due a problem with a dressing room.
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Roberto Canessa survived for 72 days in freezing conditions after he and his rugby teammates crashed in the Andes Mountains.
Donna Kelce, the mother of the Kansas City Chiefs player, previously said on "Today" that meeting the pop star was "OK."
The “Today” co-host went into vivid detail about the type of guy that makes her “dehydrated” with lustful thirst.
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The two “Today” co-hosts got brutally honest on air about the way Bush Hager handled Kotb’s daughter getting sick.
Kotb hasn’t appeared live on the show since Feb. 17. Co-anchor Savannah Guthrie has also stepped away after testing positive for COVID.