tropical storm

As Ophelia weakened, a new tropical storm named Philippe brewed in the Atlantic.
The storm is expected to make landfall in North Carolina on Saturday.
States of emergency were declared for Massachusetts and Maine, the nation's most heavily forested state.
The storm is projected to pass northeast of the British Virgin Islands, which is still recovering from 2017 hurricanes Maria and Irma.
The Texas senator inadvertently showed that trusting any image you see on the internet can get you into hot water.
One critic called the far-right House member a "sick loser" for using the storm to joust at a familiar GOP target.
"We have to stay together because this ― no doubt ― is the thing that is going to make us stronger," Johnson said of the "heartbreaking" wildfires.
Southern California residents dealt with a 5.1-magnitude earthquake in the hours leading up to Hilary making landfall.
The storm swirled northward on Sunday, no longer a hurricane but still carrying so much rain that forecasters warned of "catastrophic" flooding.
Portions of Florida's east coast, still recovering from Hurricane Ian, saw beachfront homes crash into the ocean Thursday as the storm moved northward.