Truth Social

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. said it made just over $770,000 in advertising revenue in the first three months of 2024.
"The Late Show" host offers a quick correction for the former president.
The former president took aim at MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell after a day of testimony in his hush money trial.
Mostly amateur Wall Street investors have collectively made tens of millions of dollars by betting the stock price of his Truth Social will keep dropping.
The former president sought to restrict the visa during his administration and many of his allies want him to curtail it in a potential second term.
Trump Media & Technology Group says it embraces “a culture of diversity and inclusion” for “gender identity and expression” and race.
The president trolled his campaign rival with a crack about Truth Social’s rapidly declining value.
The late night host revealed a potentially humiliating personal development for the former president.
The share price of Donald Trump’s beleaguered social media company plunged again this week, but apparently there’s worse to come.
The company's stock value tanked 18% after it announced a plan to add more shares.