University of Iowa

The Iowa star is now the most prolific scorer in NCAA women's history.
College football fans launched a mix of boos and cheers at the former president as he made his way through an Iowa crowd on Saturday.
The NCAA champion's take was echoed by many as the first lady sought to invite the losing team as well.
Many current and former Black players described the University of Iowa was a place where ”a small number of coaches felt empowered to bully and demean athletes, especially Black athletes."
The death at the University of Vermont comes days after a University of Iowa student died under similar circumstances.
Gerald Belz, 18, was found unconscious outside the University of Iowa on Wednesday. He died later a hospital.
Farmer Wayne Cheney says he has been questioned at least twice by investigators. The 20-year-old college sophomore has been missing since July 18.
Mollie Tibbetts, 20, hasn't been seen since her nightly run on July 18.
The LGBTQ rights advocate will seek a seat in the Iowa state Senate.
Across the nation, black women are taking it upon themselves to impact their communities in the most direct way possible.