us marines

The CH-53E Super Stallion vanished late Tuesday night after completing training at an Air Force base in Nevada.
The three lance corporals were stationed at nearby Camp Lejeune.
Former Dodgers player Steve Sax said his 33-year-old son who had always dreamed of being a pilot was among five U.S. Marines killed during a training flight crash earlier this week.
Willy Joseph Cancel is the first U.S. citizen known to have been killed while fighting in Ukraine.
The Department of Defense bars active-duty military personnel from participating in "partisan political" activities.
Lance Cpl. Vasillios Pistolis allegedly bragged online about assaulting counter-protesters in Virginia last summer.
Raheel Siddiqui died during boot camp after allegedly being hazed.
“Our nation is forever indebted to these WWII heroes,” said Sen. John McCain.
Mr. Kaepernick has sacrificed by attempting to move us all toward a more perfect union.
The lieutenant is expected to graduate from the grueling Infantry Officer Course on Monday.