The video shows the ex-president's embrace of literal attacks on rivals.
At least 9 were detained in the bloody assault, prompting authorities to postpone Lyon's match at Marseille.
The author was left blind in his right eye after a man attacked him during a lecture in New York last August.
Gangs have grown more powerful since the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, and they are estimated to control up to 80% of Port-au-Prince.
Investigators believe the fire was deliberately set by a student who was upset that her mobile phone had been confiscated.
Statistics have shown that incarceration for people with mental illness is ineffective and creates more crime.
Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has appeared in court, a day after he was dragged from another court and arrested in Islamabad.
In addition to enacting new criminal penalties, the law under consideration would allow people injured by unauthorized paramilitary activity to sue.
Hate speech and threats of violence targeting transgender people and other LGBTQ individuals is thriving on social media and spurring fears of more violence.