vivek ramaswamy

The upstart Republican candidate tried to explain why so many people find him "annoying."
The MSNBC host spoke about his viral interview with the presidential candidate, who repeatedly dodged one particular question about Trump.
The network said no such event was planned, with a source telling Semafor that the GOP candidate seemingly hopes to “will it into existence."
Mehdi Hasan tried to get the presidential candidate to explain his own words about the former president and his GOP rival. It didn't go well.
The Republican presidential candidate keeps battling the truth and, this time, truth fought back.
Jeff Roe warned that it's going to "get worse" for Ramaswamy, according to audio obtained by Politico.
The GOP presidential candidate defended the indicted ex-president despite claiming he disagrees with much of his behavior during the 2020 election.
Fox News' Karl Rove went scorched-earth on the GOP presidential candidate and potential Trump VP in a Wall Street Journal editorial.
There’s something unsavory about poking fun at your own name to appease white conservatives.
The former president was asked to weigh in on his GOP opponent as a running mate on Glenn Beck's Blaze TV show.