The baby's mother told police she was unaware her husband had smoked the hallucinogen, sometimes known as "angel dust."
The longtime Trump ally faces four months behind bars for defying a subpoena from the House committee that investigated the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Rakus an adult male, plucked and chewed up leaves of a medicinal plant known to treat pain and inflammation, and then applied the plant juices to an injury on the right cheek.
President Joe Biden is out to win votes by scoring laughs at the expense of Donald Trump.
Elias Huizar, 39, was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound following the fatal shooting of his ex and the discovery of a dead teenage girl in his home.
Ariel Garcia's grandmother had filed for legal guardianship over the boy shortly before he disappeared in Washington.
“All these ladies came up with superhuman strength,” Keri Bergere of Washington state said of her friends who engaged in “hand-to-hand” combat with the cat.
Researchers and citizen scientists will observe how animals' routines at several zoos are disrupted during the April 8 total solar eclipse.
Sweden is joining the transatlantic military alliance because concerns about Russian aggression in Europe have spiked following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine.
The mountain saw a post singing the praises of Mount Shasta and declared that the California mountain "looks like a little bitch to me."