weekend update

The co-host of the "SNL" news segment mocked right-wingers for adding to their list of "enemies" with a Taylor Swift conspiracy theory.
The co-hosts of the "SNL" news segment traded comedic jabs in an epic return of their joke swap tradition.
The "Weekend Update" co-host questioned the timing of the federal charges filed against the president's son.
The co-host of the "SNL" news segment cooked up an iconic film reference for Murdoch, who stepped down as chair of his media empire.
The "SNL" news segment co-anchor spotted an alternate use for Vivek Ramaswamy's description of the Republican Party.
The co-anchors of the "Saturday Night Live" news segment scorched Trump and his family amid the former president's legal battles.
The "Weekend Update" co-anchor questioned the former president's claims about people "crying" inside a Manhattan courthouse.
Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (played by Molly Kearney) weighed in on a report about his controversial social media habits on "SNL."
"They're replacing 'Dilbert' with 'Peanuts: Oops All Franklin,'" quipped Colin Jost in the wake of publications cutting ties with the comic strip.
Jost mocked the former president's water bottle brand during the "Saturday Night Live" segment this weekend.