The WGA called the deal “exceptional, with gains and protections for members in every sector of the business.”
Maher’s decision follows an instance where he called WGA strike demands “kooky.” It also comes after Drew Barrymore announced her show would air despite the strike, too.
The talk show host is facing significant criticism for the decision to return without her writers, who are WGA members currently on strike.
The "Pose" star also blasted Disney CEO Bob Iger’s claims that actors and writers were making "not realistic" demands.
Since early May, unionized film and TV writers have waited for Hollywood execs to return to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair deal.
Vendors were told the Primetime Emmy Awards will not air in September, Variety reported.
The “Princess Bride” actor scolded Hollywood bigwigs as he demonstrated in support of the Writers Guild of America.
Some TV shows have already shut down and will air reruns instead.