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The opioid crisis has plagued the U.S. for almost a decade — and for vulnerable populations such as Native Americans, the devastation goes largely ignored.
CJ Bernal opened the Dawn Butterfly Café in Taos Pueblo to honor his late sister and generate funds for art programs.
The days of the disempowered staying quiet are over, but historical biases and confusing rhetoric have changed how we hold wrongdoers accountable.
The first Black president of the American Museum of Natural History is pulling a large portion of "artifacts" from display.
Martin Scorsese’s crucial change to his epic new film makes the story more honest.
The docuseries offers an unflinching look at the Navajo Police Department, which is the only tribal law enforcement agency in the U.S. that trains its own officers.
We must “hold our government accountable when we see a case of injustice,” they said of the Indigenous activist who has been in prison for nearly 50 years.
Indigenous leaders and human rights advocates are making the long-imprisoned Native activist's freedom a 2024 election priority.
A new report details the "devastating" consequences of Trump’s promise to construct a “big, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border.
A Native-led coalition plans to digitize and share thousands of archival pages about schools that forcibly enrolled Native children and erased their culture.
As Maui residents reel from disaster, some tourists appear to remain unbothered.
New research quantifies the constant violation of Indigenous communities' rights.
“You’ve become complicit in this injustice for Indian Country,” charged Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians.
A unique movement combining social justice and wildlife conservation is changing the landscape.
An exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic of the show's third and final season.
The groundbreaking FX series’ final season premieres Wednesday.
On the eve of the third season, it’s only right to revisit the moments that so vividly captured Native life.
This will be an ongoing battle for Indigenous people. Here’s how we fight back.
For Native American content creator Michelle Chubb, style and activism go hand in hand.
Maori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags will be prominently displayed throughout the tournament, in a rare departure from FIFA's strict rules.
Federal agencies have awarded millions of dollars to scientific studies on Native American human remains, undermining the goals of NAGPRA as tribes fight for repatriation.
It's time to decolonize our school systems by reflecting the people who attend them.
'I’ve got a lot of spiritual and emotional investment in this.'
"It’s an identity that can, and should, teach all of us about how expansive queerness can be."