The annual report, out Thursday, has perennially documented the same patterns in the entertainment industry.
The bill would ban diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, programs and offices in certain public entities, state agencies and universities in the state.
Despite the huge success of “Barbie,” Greta Gerwig remains an exception among filmmakers.
The president’s pace of judicial confirmations slowed, but he put historic numbers of women, people of color and public defenders on the federal bench.
Year after year, Latinos are either stereotyped or rendered invisible in major Hollywood movies, a new study shows.
If finding the perfect pair of tights to blend with your skin tone feels impossible, let us help you out.
"My mom is infinitely proud of all of her children, but I wonder if she wasn’t at that moment just a little bit ashamed of me."
The guest list was wild, but Twitter users pointed out a pretty glaring problem.