“I play a lot of moms,” said Davis. “Everyone wants me to play their mom. I have people who hug me in the street who call me Mom.”
Conservatives love to criticize “woke” workplaces. It turns out most employees don’t mind them.
More than a dozen states have introduced bills that defund DEI programs at colleges and universities.
The newest UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report finds much of the same uneven progress on diversity at a time when it's essential to the industry's survival.
The recently departed under secretary pushed through some of the most significant diversity and equity efforts at the Defense Department.
The writer-director of “Fancy Dance” and on FX's “Reservation Dogs” hopes her projects help Indigenous communities feel seen and represented.
A former diplomat has been on a years-long quest to get answers about a sexual harassment allegation against a top State Department nominee, and several Biden appointees have filed Equal Employment Opportunity complaints.
“One of the collateral damage effects ... was that everyone wanted to do more Asian projects as long as they were just ‘Crazy Rich Asians,'" the actor stated.
The return of the award show comes just two years after a series of damning revelations.
After George Floyd was killed, many offices became superficially obsessed with diversity and inclusion — but what did that do for us?