Amanda Seyfried

Lohan also discussed the possibility of a "Mean Girls" sequel in the future.
“They’re not playing me,” said Holmes. “They’re playing a character I created.”
The “Dropout” star said she originally read for the role of Regina, and another well-known celebrity who didn’t make it into the movie read for Karen.
The Emmy-winning star of "The Dropout" had some thoughts on how she and her fellow Plastics can work together if "Mean Girls 2" turns out to be a bust.
The actor thanked her dog by name but kept her chilling impression of Holmes under wraps while picking up her Emmy Monday night.
“The Dropout” star said she wished intimacy coordinators were around when she was 19 and walking around a set “without my underwear on.”
The actor said she auditioned for the upcoming movie musical while still filming her role as Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu's "The Dropout."
“I was like 18 years old. It was just gross," the actor said about the response to her first-ever film role.
“Mean Girls” has turned fifteen. The seminal teen comedy, starring Lindsay Lohan and written by Tina Fey, sparked an army of memes and quotable moments. From “Fetch”, “plastics” and “pink on Wednesdays”, we look at the impact it’s had on the world since it was released.
The upcoming Hulu series will chronicle the rise and fall of the blood testing company founded by Holmes, who is currently on trial for fraud.