Lindsay Lohan Reveals Which 2 'Mean Girls' Stars Are Still Part Of Her Clique

Lohan also discussed the possibility of a "Mean Girls" sequel in the future.

Lindsey Lohan hasn’t lost touch with her “Mean Girls” cast mates, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried.

While celebrating the premiere of the new “Mean Girls” musical movie in New York on Monday, Lohan revealed she’s still close with her on-screen besties from the original 2004 film.

“The three of us are friends,” she told Entertainment Tonight while walking the red carpet at the musical movie’s premiere.

“I love Amanda and she’s done so well with her career,” Lohan continued. “She’s such a great actress and Lacey as well. We’re good friends and that’s what matters most.”

No mention was made of Rachel McAdams, who played queen bee Regina George in the movie.

"Mean Girls" stars Lohan (far left), Seyfried, Chabert and McAdams are seen in a still from the 2004 film.
"Mean Girls" stars Lohan (far left), Seyfried, Chabert and McAdams are seen in a still from the 2004 film.
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Chabert, Lohan and Seyfried had the pleasure of reuniting their clique, “The Plastics,” last year. In a Black Friday ad campaign for Walmart, they got to play grown-up versions of their iconic characters.

While there are no plans for a proper “Mean Girls” sequel, Lohan said the trio “always talk about” returning to North Shore High together.

Right now, the stars are focusing on family, however.

Lohan told ET she was thrilled to join Chabert and Seyfried’s “mom club” after welcoming son Luai Shammas last July. Seyfried is a mom of three and Chabert has a daughter.

“I’m part of the mom club now with them. It’s great,” Lohan said. “It’s such an amazing feeling. I feel great. I feel wonderful. He’s coming up on six months.”

Back when Luai was born last summer, representatives for Lohan told HuffPost that she and her husband, Bader Shammas, were “over the moon in love.”

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