Jonah Hill

Baruchel said acting opposite Hill “was exhausting” and “sucked” — and that they “don’t get along super well.”
"As a survivor, I will always support publicly sharing texts to warn other women and/or to show others that they are not alone."
Marty Singer told Deadline on Wednesday that the alleged events described by the "Zoey 101" actor "never happened.”
The former child star accused a then-24-year-old Hill of engaging in “predatory behavior” during a party at actor Justin Long’s house.
Sarah Brady called the star a “narcissistic misogynist” while revealing alleged screenshots of texts the pair exchanged during their relationship.
The actor's girlfriend, Olivia Millar, reportedly gave birth this spring. The two were first spotted together in September.
The rapper previously praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and made other inflammatory remarks in recent months.
"I don't even know if I should share this," comedian Andrew Schulz said, "but the final scene, they don't even kiss."
The actors star in Netflix's new romantic comedy, "You People."
The actor announced his decision to stop promoting his films in August 2022.