Lindsay Lohan

The actor welcomed her first child in July with husband Bader Shammas.
“We clicked right away,” Lohan said while explaining how she became close to the celebrity couple.
After years of hints, rumors and anticipation, Lohan is giving millennial fans of the 2003 body-swap comedy what they want.
The 2024 movie makes a less-than-subtle nod to Lohan’s real-life past.
Lohan also discussed the possibility of a "Mean Girls" sequel in the future.
Curtis, who co-starred with Lohan in the 2003 comedy, dropped a not-so-subtle hint for followers in a reunion snap on Instagram.
Everyone seems to have forgotten about a popular Disney movie that set the tone for Greta Gerwig's new film.
The actor celebrated her on-screen daughter's baby news with a throwback.
Lohan delivered son Luai Shammas in Dubai on Monday, HuffPost can confirm.
"I look back, and I'm like, why was I so hard on myself?" the actor said.