Merriam Webster

New year, new words? The dictionary company seeks help in defining new paths of discourse.
The dictionary had some tough questions -- especially about Vixen, whose name can also mean “a sexually attractive woman.”
In an age of deepfakes, post-truth and artificial intelligence, the word of the year is “authentic.”
These words need to be added to the English dictionary — pronto!
Other top-searched words include "oligarch" and "omicron."
'Fauxhawk,' a haircut similar to a Mohawk, is potentially the highest scoring new word allowed in the classic board game.
A man enraged over dictionary definitions of gender terms faces up to five years in prison for threats that caused Merriam-Webster to shut its offices for five days.
The man was accused of posting anti-trans messages and making violent threats in comments under the dictionary website’s definition for “female.”
Lookups for “vaccine” increased 601% over 2020. It was also extremely high every day in 2021, the publishing company said.
Merriam-Webster announced the newly added words on its website, saying “Just as the language never stops evolving, the dictionary never stops expanding.”