Susan Sarandon

The Oscar winner and activist called for New York to increase the minimum wage for all.
"Elon Musk can buy Twitter, sure. But he'll never own it. Not like this," one fan replied to the Oscar winner's post.
Actress Susan Sarandon joins Josh in studio to talk about where she got her inspiration to act and how she got her start.
The Oscar-winning actor retweeted a photo of police at a funeral for a slain NYPD offficer with a message questioning the need for cops.
Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon are going to want to hear this.
The "Will & Grace" star wants to talk policy changes with the president.
Sarandon, of course, responded with a shout-down of her own.
Diane Foley said it was upsetting that the film, which stars Susan Sarandon, seeks to profit from a personal tragedy.
The actress has been a controversial figure since she suggested Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump.
The 71-year-old "Thelma and Louise" actress got away with it.